Aaaah, app... quanto trabalho isso dá!

assinatura de médico, professor, diretor da escola, pais, etc...

vacinas, exames, cartas, historico escolar, fotos, tudo !!

e é tudo tao dificil de fazer, porque isso vai te definir, isso vai definir a familia que vai te escolher, dai eh tenso..


eu e a nathe ja tamo fazendo nosso app

o meu atrasadiiiiissimoo

e a nathe acabou de começar o dela..

pra mim faltam duas vacinas e um exame medico que eu preciso passar pra pegar, e ai finalmente poderei mandar meu app e ser escolhida loogo

pq nao aguento mais esperaaaaar!!!!!!!!! mesmo ainda faltando um ano

dai vo postar minha carta aqui, com certeza ainda vou mudar algo, hehe mas fica aqui a base da minha cartinha =) beijoss, luizaaa

I’m a 15 years old girl (I will be 16 in July 2010), I live in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, I have one brother and one sister, both older than me, I have a dog and a bird, and I love animals! I'm always happy, persistent, very easy going, friendship for me is one of the most important things ever, and when I want a thing, I fight very much for its, I insist up to getting it done. I love beaches, swimming, I don’t like farms so much, I don’t care about staying in a small city, but I would love to live in a beach one. I just want to enjoy very much my exchange, because it will be the year that I won’t forget !! I love going out with my friends, I love to get tan (I love hot weather/sunny days), love to visit new places, learn new cultures, music, love to be with my friends and family, I love to play guitar in my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, watch movies and television, chat online, I enjoy practicing sports like, Inline Skating, skateboarding, bike riding, surfing and many others! My passion for the United States began when I started seeing movies, series, which were showing the American life. A lot of musicians, movies, series that I love show very much of California, and after searching about it I loved! So I choose the state of California because it’s my dream to live there, but I would love anywhere in USA, because I just love the country, the language... When I finally got the papers to my exchange I was in love with California!! In 2008 I went to the Disney World and my passion for this country, incredibly, only increased. It so awesome there, I stayed in a awesome resort and I loved!! From that time my biggest dream is to return! My hopes and expectations for my exchange are to, learn other cultures, prepare myself to my future, develop personality, make friends, get on well with my host family and learn how to act at difficult moments. For me it will be very important to have a nice and lovely family that I will be able to trust and never forget!! I hope to show people how Brazil is, and as I’ll learn new cultures I will show my culture as well! Thanks for giving me the chance to go to your house and learn with you guys!! I can't wait!!!!! I’m going just next year (2010) but I think I’m more excited than someone that is going this month. Sometimes I keep thinking in how is my family going to be, if I will have sisters and brothers to go to school with me, introduce me friends, drive around with me, and stuff like that, or little brother/sister to play with. I would love that!! I can’t wait to meet my family, I’m counting the days to go!!!

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